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Repustar welcomes all contributors who share our goals. We want to help everyone who's interested in having a better public conversation about issues of common concern—by making more facts easier to find and share.

News and research publishers can contribute their expertise to Repustar and the wider communities we reach. Our unique set of tools simplifies the editorial process. You can discover claims and write fact-checks that can reach widely across social media platforms.

Publishing via Repustar generates a productive and powerful two-way flow with audiences, and offers new routes to build brand authority and reach. Partnerships can be tailored to align with your editorial strengths, technical capabilities and organizational goals.

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Fact Briefs


FactSparrow: the friendly fact delivery bot
See a news-related claim on social media? Write “@FactSparrow fetch facts please!” in the replies. FactSparrow will respond with relevant facts backed up by good sources.