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#MakeFactsCount this Election

#MakeFactsCount this Election

Falsehoods about voting are likely surging through the social media feeds of you, your friends and your family.These posts may try to convince you that it isn’t safe to vote, that you can vote by text, or that perhaps you shouldn’t even bother.

This is a threat to the 2020 election and our democracy.

It’s up to all of us to push back.Join us in the final days of the election season to


Download the Repustar app
Download the Repustar app.
Keep an eye out in your social media threads for claims regarding the election that seem suspicious.
Hit the

Ask button

ASK button on the app to start a fact-check. You may see a fact-check that answers your question immediately, or you’ll get something back from a professional fact-checker within a day or two.Share the fact-check back into the social media thread where you found the original claim.
Attend a webinar on election misinformation to get smarter about the problem.
Attend a hands-on community session on using the app and engaging with misinformation on social media.
Tell your truth-seeking friends and family to download the app and share this page with them.
It’s going to take large numbers monitoring social media to make facts count this election.