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Partnering with Repustar

Partnering with Repustar

We invite fact-focused news and research organizations to become a Repustar content partner. Content partners gain a new route to engage audiences interested in grounding conversations in facts. Repustar features partners’ work in the results it delivers to users of FactSparrow, its social media bot, and keeps them abreast of what FactSparrow users are asking about.

Any partner is also eligible to become a Fact Brief Contributor and address new questions from the FactSparrow community with a Repustar Fact Brief. The Fact Brief is a unique format developed by Repustar to deliver clear yes or no answers to questions in the news, backed up by first-hand data and documents. Our tools simplify the editorial process. Publishing Fact Briefs on Repustar generates a new kind of productive, powerful two-way flow with audiences, with new routes to build brand authority and reach. Partnerships can be tailored to align with your editorial strengths, technical capabilities and organizational goals.

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FactSparrow: the friendly fact delivery bot on Twitter
See an unsupported claim on Twitter? Write “@FactSparrow” along with your questions in the replies. FactSparrow will respond with available facts.
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