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Do you produce content?
Is maintaining trust and accuracy of paramount importance for you?
Repustar’s fact-forward assets in the misinformation domain
Factual Content
Repository of Fact Briefs & Sources
Network of authoritative contributors
Disinformation and integrity networks
Early warning indicators
Emergent claims
Social media bot
Browser extension
Full-function app
Contributor publish platform
Last mile editorial calls
Priority reviews of new claims
Why be ‘fact-forward’?
Disinformation and casual misinformation pose a grave threat not only to civil society, but also to businesses.
Brands’ abilities to protect their reputations and maintain the trust of consumers rests on being seen as a good civic actors.
Being ahead of the curve on the disinformation problem supports your public image, but also makes you more resilient in the face of disinformation schemes.
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FactSparrow: the friendly fact delivery bot on Twitter
See an unsupported claim on Twitter? Write “@FactSparrow” along with your questions in the replies. FactSparrow will respond with available facts.
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