Repustar offers journalism and content marketing professionals a unique insight into X (Twitter) influencers. We have analyzed more than 200M tweets and have curated a unique directory of influencers who exercise care in the information they put out and the quality of their sources, without regard to their political leaning or ideology. The kind of influencers you want as a reliable source for a story you are working on, or to represent your brand. Now you can discover thousands of great influencers by location and topics you care about, who are aligned to the content you are publishing.

Repustar is a benefit corporation with a non-partisan mission to incubate and build technologies and solutions to foster greater information integrity in the digital sphere. We built technology that helped launch the nonprofit Gigafact and offer a free Chrome browser extension FactSparrow that anyone can use to see 3rd party integrity ratings of websites while browsing the internet.

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