Data and analytics for enterprises and professionals navigating the misinformation terrain.

Repustar was set up as a benefit corporation with a mission to incubate and build technologies and solutions that foster resilience against misinformation.

We created a lot of useful new technologies including: A new model for high velocity fact-checking, a fact-check publishing and distribution platform that will scale to thousands of contributors, a bot on Twitter that anyone can call for factual support when they are confused by a claim, a smart tipline where anyone can report claims to be researched, an index of the world’s fact-checks updated every few hours, smart searching, matching and intent-detection tools… And it gives us great pleasure to have donated all of that to a new nonprofit called Gigafact with the mission to flood the zone with well-sourced facts that intercept claims circulating online.

Repustar, in the meantime, is in market trials with a novel set of analytics and data signals that can help brands, professionals and platforms navigate the new misinformation landscape and spend their money wisely.

Stay tuned.