A new tool against misinformation

Repustar invites everyone to participate in online claim verification.

Repustar empowers people to challenge questionable information and become self-reliant in an era of widespread deception and misinformation .

Anyone can contribute to Repustar, while following a transparent set of rules. Work produced on the platform is accessible to all.

(v) state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.
(n) an assertion of the truth of something, typically one that is disputed or in doubt.
(n) the process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something.
From the Oxford Dictionary

Who We Are

Repustar is organized as a Benefit Corporation, with a mission to equip consumers to become self-reliant in a world overrun by misinformation.

Our team members are based in the United States and India and they include John Marcom, Sandeep Verma, Robyn Sundlee, Chandran Sankaran, Lily Richman, Sangram Das, Madhu Reddy, Abhilash Goswami, Alok Mohanty, Chandrashekar S, Vetrikumaran A, Caroline Francis, Shreshta Jaisingh, Kiran Nambiar and Kinnari Thakker.

Contributed Claim Reviews

All Reviews on Repustar are contributed by people like you, in response to online claims that have been challenged by others. Contributing reviewers are expected to follow rules that seek to produce clear outcomes based on data and documents.
User-directed: Each Review is the result of one or more “flags” of specific claims in videos, news articles and other documents. These are generated by registered users of Repustar’s website or mobile apps.
Discoverable information: Reviews prioritize claims that can be addressed with generally available authoritative documentation. Valid questions requiring further reporting or access to non-public documents or conversations are outside the scope of Reviewers.
Focus on the what, not the who or the why: Reviewers are asked to examine claims carefully and focus on specific events, findings and data related to the topic in question, and look past rhetoric and opinions. They are expected to avoid endorsement of any person, political party or commercial interest.
All work is shown: Each Review presents links to documents, databases and other records that support the reviewer’s findings for all to examine.
All work is open to continuing user input: Each Review is evaluated by other reviewers before publication. Users may share any further documentation that adds important information about any published Review.
We are in the early stages of building the Repustar Review Network. If you’re interested in joining the pilot team of Review contributors, please get in touch 
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