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Repustar enables everyone to support their conversations online with facts from credible sources. Organizations that contribute to the platform look into the public’s concerns and respond with clear answers supported by credible data and documents.
A novel fact publishing and distribution platform

Repustar combines the tools of journalism and data science to allow well-sourced Fact Briefs to be discovered by the public when and where they are most needed.

News and research organizations with track records of nonpartisanship and evidence-based analyses can contribute their expertise to Fact Briefs, and the platform offers resources to professionals who analyze, create and distribute news.

With people everywhere disoriented about whom to believe and what to trust, Repustar seeks to enable a fact-forward world.

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Who we are

Chandran Sankaran, Founder and CEO (read Chandran's thoughts on the importance of scaling fact-checking here)

John Marcom, Founding Editorial Director

The Repustar team is based in the United States and India and includes:  Sandeep Verma,  Sangram Das,  Robyn Sundlee,  Anna Lenaker,  Abhilash Goswami, Dhiren Raghu, Karan Chotaliya, Deepanshu Badshah, Falguna Krishna, Kiran Nambiar and Kinnari Thakker.

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