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Contributing to Repustar

Repustar welcomes all qualified contributors. We’ve built our service to help everyone who's interested in having a better public conversation about issues of common concern—by making more facts easier to find and share.

Calling all experts
Professionals, researchers and experts of all sorts—and the organizations they work with—can contribute their expertise to Repustar and the wider communities we reach. A unique set of tools simplifies the editorial process. Discover claims and write fact-checks that are widely delivered across social media platforms.
Calling all news publishers
Working with Repustar generates a productive and powerful two-way flow with relevant audiences, and offers new routes to build brand authority and engage with new audiences. Partnerships are tailored to align with your own brand, in-house technical capabilities and business goals.
Calling all news activists
For anyone with a basic grasp of research and writing skills The Gigafact Project offers an easy way to participate. Repustar spun up Gigafact as the first “power user” of our own platform, and now it operates as an independent contributor fielding a wide variety of claims.
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